Three Web Design Mistakes That Drive Away Customers

web_development_busWhen it’s time to design a website for your business, you are faced with two choices. You can either find professional web developers to help you build your websites or try to build it on your own. A lot of business owners think they can save money by doing it on their own. However, unless you have experience building websites, this is often a mistake.

This is because web design is not something you pick up easily. There is a pitfall awaiting any budding web site designer. Professional web developers have the experience and skill necessary to avoid these mistakes. For businesses, mistakes like these can cause problems. Here are three examples of website design mistakes that can drive customers away.

Cluttered websites

One of the hallmark mistakes of amateur web developers is to try and pack everything into a single page. This is because a website does not have a convenient limit on how much information they can put on a page. The result is a cluttered mess that has customers confused.

Confused customers are bad news. This is because they may think it would be a lot easier to just purchase from a site that provides better information. Also, a cluttered website often signals an unprofessional company.

Professional website designers know how to layout information properly so that visitors to a site would be able to read them properly. With a properly-designed website, you would be able to attract and keep customers.

Non-responsive web design

Another mistake that an experienced web design company can help you avoid is that of being stuck with a desktop mindset. Nowadays, people browse the Internet on their phones as much as they do on their desktops. If your website is still stuck in desktop mode, it won’t show up properly on mobile phones.

This is why responsive web design is the new requirement for all sites. With a responsive site, it will automatically change its format to look good on a mobile phone. Without responsiveness, mobile browsers will just leave your page in a huff and look for something they can browse.

Poor loading speed

Finally, newbie website makers tend to pack in a lot of things into their site. Images, sounds, you name it. The problem is that people expect websites to load fast.

Consumers expect a website to load in just two seconds or less. Pass that mark and you’ve already got an impatient customer. This can cause them to leave your site for faster pages. A good web developer can optimize your site so that it loads at blazing speeds.

Web developers know a lot more pitfalls for your to avoid in designing a website. This is why you should seriously consider hiring one when setting up your company website.

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