bdlg_construction2For business owners and entrepreneurs, networking and visibility are important, but these are only a couple of numerous reasons it is a great idea to become a member of industry associations. Many industry associations provide a wide range of opportunities such as certification, training, and Carpentry Apprentice Program, that can lead to improved business relationships and, eventually, greater success.

  1. Networking – In a great competition to the top people, you know matters, and trade and industry associations are full of potential contacts. These industry associations give its members an opportunity to connect and create connections, making them excellent networking opportunities for those who want to fortify ties with colleagues or clients in their respective industry or make long-term valuable connections.
  1. Education – Associations offer educational opportunities from webinars to national or even international conferences. Educational topics can consist of best practices, trends, new techniques, and so much more. Some industry associations offer Construction Induction Training or white card, which is required for any person engaged to complete construction work in the construction and building industry.
  1. Research – A number of industry associations conduct research and study on particular industries. Research reports can provide great insights and help members stay ahead of other professionals in the same industry.
  1. Learning best practices – All businesses have best practices particular to their field and line of work. Trade and industry associations offer a forum for disseminating industry-wide best practices, and being a member of an industry association delivers a great avenue to know what best practices govern a specific field. It can give members an advantage on compliance when best practices are changed or amended.
  1. Information and news – Members of an industry association give them a fast pass to noteworthy news or advancements in a particular industry. Not just do members of industry association converse with each other, they also often provide informative resources or curated newsfeeds to their members as a means of adding value to the association membership. Staying updated on industry news permits members to take full advantage of developments or changes that may otherwise have passed them by.

Being a part of an industry association strengthens member’s image and lets clients know they’re a reputable business that’s reliable and follows industry standards and regulations. Many industry associations reward outstanding performance with awards, certificates, or badges that not just make the business look more reputable, but may improve business’s visibility in the public eye.

There are many benefits that come with being a member of an industry association including an opportunity to attend Carpentry Apprentice Program. If a professional wants to make new connections, receive the latest information, grow as a professional, and advance his education, being an industry association can be an advantage.

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Five Benefits of Joining Building Associations, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating