Your wedding is a pretty special day. This is why a lot of people take out wedding photography packages to ensure that it is memorialized properly. However, this can be a complicated process. There are a lot of possible mistakes that you could make. Here are a few of them and a few tips on how to avoid them.wedding_p4

Concentrating on the price

One of the when selecting a wedding photography package is focusing on the price. Yes, it is important to keep on the budget. But, it is quite possible to be within the budget and still have quality photos. It’s better to get a less expensive package from a great photographer than an all-in-one package from a mediocre one.

Not getting enough photographers

Another common wedding photography mistake is to not get enough photographers. A wedding is a big event. A single guy is not going to cover everything. This is especially so if you have a huge guest list. If you want only the highlights in your wedding album, one guy is fine. But if you want total coverage, then better get one or two more people to assist.

Not talking to your photographer

Melbourne wedding photography services cannot read your mind. So do not expect to miraculously see the shots that you want in your album. You will need to meet with them beforehand so that you can get the photos that you want. Talk things out with them to see how you can get the results that you desire. Do this the moment you hire them to get the best results.

Lack of planning

Wedding photographers in Melbourne get the best results if they have a plan in place. This is because a wedding is chaotic enough. Without a photo plan, your photographer will be confused. This should have been discussed when you talked about the shots that you wanted earlier. Coordinate with your photographers so they have places set-up and know what’s going to happen.


You do not want to rush things. Though it can be tempting to have your photographer to take a few snaps and move on, that’s a bad idea. Take time to compose shots and pose properly. Organize your family for the photos so that they will look good and so that you can remember this day fondly.

No fallback plan

The perfect wedding day happens. However, there are times when it is not so perfect. Imagine a rainstorm for your garden party wedding. This can cause havoc to all of your plans, including your photos. Talk about possible contingencies with your photographer to ensure that you won’t get caught flatfooted.

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