Importance of Google Local Search to Local Businesses

Today search engines are at the heart of digital marketing, the number of customers using search engines to find products, services, and information is rising each and every day. Search engines like Google are dedicated to giving searchers the most accurate information depending on what they searched for. In the quest to offer the most accurate results to searchers, search engines have introduced new services that focus on local searches (at times called local search engine optimization). Google local search helps the searchers identify local business offering the products and services they are looking for, this kind of optimization not only helps the business drive traffic to the business but also helps the business reach local potential customers at the exact time they are in need of particular product or service hence bringing new customers to the business store. Google local search adds accuracy to digital marketing by giving searchers/customers more relevant information. Local SEO is efficient, promotional method as it eliminates the guesswork through effective targeting in terms of time, place and products/service; it is becoming an essential part of digital marketing and marketing at large.


What is the importance of Google Local Search to local businesses

Google local search is not “icing on the cake” it is an essential part of marketing in today’s competitive business environment. Having your business listed in the search results presented to local searchers is significantly important. There are many benefits a local business will enjoy by applying local search engine optimization, some of these benefits include

1. Google local search will enhance targeting

It enables effective and efficient targeting, the business’s products and services are presented to the right customer at the right time and at the right place. This is what businesses have been struggling to achieve for years and now with local SEO it is possible. The local searchers are most likely to purchase from your business as you present what they want when they want and where they want it, this will give your business a competitive edge.

2. It is a cost promotion tool

Apart from being an effective promotion tool, local businesses do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve the results. The business gets to minimize the costs while maximizing the profits.

3. Customers are switching to the web to find products and services

Online presence is crucial for a modern day business, this is because most Australian customers are switching to the online search to look for the products and services they are looking for, this is an important step in “consumer buying process” which begins with information search which today is happening online. With local SEO, it is possible to target these customers and influence their purchase decisions.

4. Improved ranking

This is another advantage of Google local search to the local business, the ranking on search results are highly improved. There are significant benefits associated with good rankings as customers/searchers will trust your products/services as they perceive you like the best in that field.

5. A wide market reach

The number of customers using mobile devices has raised to very high figures making digital marketing more effective. Google local search will enable you to reach most of the potential local customers. This will help keep your customer base growing and hence overall business growth.

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